3D Printed Parts - Material

I am printing the parts out of strong PLA, that’s all I can do/create.
I hope that is OK for the structure?

P.S. I had a friend make the Hot End part out of PETG.

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I printed both the White Knight and the Squire in PLA and have had no issues with the exception of one part… I would recommend printing the belt stepper mount (the part that holds the stepper can’t remember if its part 1 or 2) in ABS or PETG. I haven’t had problems on the Knight but on the Squire it has warped from the stepper heat and constant pressure of the belt… The white knight design doesn’t put quite as much pressure on it but on both the z-axis stepper gets pretty hot which is why I added a cooling fan to it… For the structural parts I do recommend atleast 50% infill with no less than 4 perimeters just to be safe… Good luck

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I’m onto it :slight_smile: