Been M.I.A for awhile,

Soooo last time I was on this forum I was in the middle of a move and didn’t have the time/place to build a white knight, all that’s done now. Here’s my plan, build/buy everything except the belt, and use it as a testing platform for different belt materials. Is that something that would be helpful?

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I would say a most Definite YES!!! I don’t have the time or funds to try all the different options out there and I have to hope there is a better, less expensive option out there that I just haven’t found or though of yet…

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thats my thought, the better option is probably off of something obscure, there’s got to be some part off of some piece of equipment that had to follow the same criteria. It may be awhile until i get everything I need for it (less than a month hopefully).

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I would find that very useful please neonjoewwh.

I have stalled on my build, I am 90% through printing the parts…
The thought of the electrics and the Belt itself are daunting for me.

lol, it’ll take a while but what else do I have to do rn :joy: my plan is to have a completely functioning, working white knight by December, (I’m in college so I gotta prioritize my time)