Clone/cheaper white knight

hey guys first post here and I have been following the building and all the info about the white knight the other day I was on eBay looking for parts for my mk3s and I found a clone duet 2 WIFI and it got me thinking what if I used some other clone parts to help lower the cost a little? do you think there would be a big different?

honestly, what I’ve learned most from 3d printing is that you get what you pay for. Some of those knockoff chinese parts are tempting but usually are much lower quality, which means you’ll end up buying more crap parts vs. buying 1 good part. With that said, I think the duet is probably an exception to that rule, I generally buy quality hardware (extruders, bearings steppers, etc) and then kinda cheap out on the electrics, within reason.

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ok so I could probably use cheaper electrics just not hardware?

imo yes, except for the power supply and stepper drivers. The rest is perfectly fine to get off aliexpress lol