Group Buy: Endless Belt

Hey everybody,

I working on gathering all the materials to build the white knight squire machine. If anybody is in the same scenario, you have noticed that belt technologies are giving you a pretty high quote for just one belt! That is because the setup costs to get one endless belt is the same across all of the belts. So if you get 6 belts it’s still the same price for the setup of one, but it is distributed over 6 belts. Now I’m working with a rep right now that is working on giving me some quotes. Comment down below if you are interested in this! Definitely, don’t want to pay $420 for just 1 belt for the squire, that is just absurd.

If you have any questions feel free to email me, or comment on this forum i’m here most of the time.

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I was looking at the same thing when I was speaking with the BuildTak folks at ERRF. Are you just looking at Squire or for the White Knight as well? Are you sourcing these as well?

Yeah the buildtak guys are quite cool about the whole thing, they don’t have setup cost. I am looking into the squire, not the white knight. I could consolidate a list of everybody who is interested in the belts for both of them, white knight and squire. Just grouping the two together since they are different dimensions, they would need to still re-do a setup cost. So different dimension belts together won’t lower the cost. Ex: 3 white knight belts and 3 squire belts. There would be individual setup costs for each grouping. I think it’s $210 for each setup, so as you add more of 1 kind it will lower the price split. But each is seperate. I kinda worded that weird you understand it?

But i’m also speaking with buildtak about getting a group buy on that too. Also trying to see what E3D will do for the custom heat block.

So I was giving a rough number of everything from belt technologies for the squire belt.

As mentioned, these prices are for the squire belt! Not the white knight belt. I will update in a bit with the white knight pricing per belt.

1 Belt: $420
2 Belts: $370 each
3 Belts: $330 each
4 Belts: $300 each.

Obviously the price will go down as more and more are added in. They say a 6 week turn around. I’m seeing with them how shipping is going to work.

Okay pricing for the white knight belt:

1 Belt: $450
2 Belts: $400 each
3 Belts: $355 each
4 Belts: $325 each

There is also the price of shipping which is from them to my address and then from my address out to you guys. I’m not sure how much the price goes down for say 6 units it might stay at $325 each it might change.

What are the dimensions of the belt? is this just purely buildtak or is there stainless steel belt underneath ?


White Knight: 400mm x 1920mm

Squire: 250mm x 1085mm

There is a stainless steel belt underneath the Buildtak sheet.

Does the price include the BuildTak?

Has anyone considered getting Belt Technologies to add an appropriate coating to the belt during manufacturing?

The pricing does not include buildtak, you would have to buy that from them and apply it to the sheets. I haven’t tried getting Belt technologies to do anything with a coating or anything to print directly on the belt, just the hardened stainless steel belt; then applying the buildtak sheet on it afterwards.

Might be worth investigating. Prusa offers a PEI powder-coated build plate among others. If the cost comes in near the cost of the BuildTak it might be worth it, if only in the labor to apply. Maybe even broker a partnership between the Belt Technologies & BuildTak for this particular product.

I know and prusa also had some extreme difficulty trying to get that out to people. I wouldn’t want to risk trying to get that on there. The only thing I could think of, is I apply the buildtak. I don’t think belt technologies would be willing to apply he buildtak for us or even cooperate with buildtak for that matter.

Would it hurt to ask Belt Technologies about a PEI powder-coat or other appropriate coating?

People have tried doing a PEI coating on a belt, it’s going to be very costly and I don’t think the coating would last long at all.

Hey, so for anyone who is interested in having belts made at very low cost I have access to a tangential oscillating knife cnc machine which is designed for cutting conveyer belt, magnetic sheet material, rubber gasket material, cardboard, leather, fabric, carpet, urethane or any other semi pliable material that can be cut with a razor blade. The cutting table is 5ftx12ft so I can cut some long belts.

The first group buy finished today. If you want to get onto the new one, I have a link to the new spreadsheet Fillout your information. I will probably keep doing these until printedsolid decides to sell the belt themselves.

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thanks for organizing this!

Have added my details for the next order please this may change to 2 depending on a friends decision to also build a White Knight.

I have also added in my name for a belt. Buildtak only if available.

Just added my name. I’d be interested in a pei coated belt