Introduce Yourself!

Give us an introduction to yourself: Who are you, why are you here (oof, getting existential already), and what are you interested in gaining from this community?

My name is Aaron and this is the first forum I’ve ever started. I’ve been working towards a white knight belt printer since it was first unveiled at the printed solid meetup in February. I think this unique format of 3D printer has immense potential so I wanted to create a forum to organize all the discussions on best practices, software, hardware, etc so the information is easily searchable and digested for future readers.

I’m also one of the hosts of the Makers on Tap podcast!

Hello, I’m Karl from NAK 3D Designs and the creator of the White knight Belt Printer… I’m relatively new to 3D printing, I bought my first 3D printer (DaVinci 1.0) from Printed Solid 2.5 years ago… The White knight is my first ground up printer build… Guess I got it right… :wink: I’m here to answer any questions as best I can regarding the White Knight and hope thru the vast wisdom of the community we can improve belt printer technology for the entire industry.

So I’m Andy, from Chompworks. I run an 8 printer-strong (currently) printing business. Ive always had an interest in the more “fun” designs of printers - SCARA, inverse delta, polar, etc. But for me, I recognise that belt printing could be great for my business too in terms of having an automated run of parts queued for printing, and for large format prints too. So I’m belt-curious, but my background is in programming and CAD, so I might end up asking some dumb questions about the mechanicals!


Welcome to the forum @Chompworks! My personal background is in software development, I’ve been learning machine design and CAD on the side, so I understand the feeling!

Hi my name It’s Alvaro, I’m from Spain, I’m industrial designer and run my own company called Makergal.
I desing my own 3dprinters, or maybe I should say remix my onw version of certain models. Anyways I fall in love with the idea, so I’m here trying to learn something, and help as much as I can.
Nice to meet you guys


Welcome to the forum! I am also here to learn more about belt printer design. They’re definitely a unique beast with their own quirks.

Hi I’m Afro3dprinter and really looking forward to learning more about belt printer design

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Hello! I’m EXOgreen and I’m employed by a university (as a student) to help the Architecture department with my/their hardware and software needs! This semester we upgraded our farm from 12 MakerBot Rep 5’s to 8+2 Prusa Mk3’s (and 6 of the MakerBots) with the plan of getting up to 24 printers in a year or two. From this I wrote a paper with my colleges on implementing a low-cost 3d Printer farm. I have one more year and I would love to add a belt printer or two to the arsenal so we can print massive objects or just a lot of small ones! We will have to see if I can convince my boss, but since we are already using Octoprint, and it has a queue plugin that we can use, I don’t think it will be too hard. Hope to help as much as I can!

Welcome to the forum @EXOgreen ! Have you looked into botqueue for handling the print queue?


My name is Jasper, and i’m a 4th year industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati. I built my first prusa i3 mk2s about two years ago and i’ve been invested in 3d printing ever since. My interest in belt 3d printers stems from my desire to create meta-materials, which have thousands of pieces.

I’m currently an autodesk Fusion 360 ambassador so if anyone needs help with their design please let me know. Feel free to reach out through this forum, I WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR DESIGN!

So far i’ve designed and assembled my first belt printer prototype, it doesn’t really work but I think I should get closer to a functional printer in version 2.

Very excited to be a part of this community, thank you!

welcome to the forum @Jasper_Cohen! btw I recommend obfuscating your email address to avoid getting a ton of spam emails.

I’d love to see what your version 1 printer looks like! You should start a build log or something on the forum somewhere. I just created a Build Log category if you decide to share your infinite printer journey with us. It would also be a great way to gather feedback on your design, should you want some :wink:

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also, @NAK3DDesigns could use some fusion tutoring :wink:


Hi, I am Alex, designer of Piper Infinity.


Welcome Alex! I’m super excited you’re here. After looking through the project files for the Piper infinity printer, I’m probably going to make one! I was hoping to get some of your people from the Facebook group in here to discuss any challenges during the build and whatnot. I’m not on Facebook anymore and I setup this forum as I believe it’s the best medium for a growing field like infinity printers. All the discussion and solutions for issues are open to the public and search engine indexable.

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I just made a Piper infinity category so people can post questions there

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Hello to all… My name is Jeff, and I’m in product development at LAYERNEER. I developed the BED WELD build plate adhesive coating. It was initially designed for being applied to glass. Some users apply it on top of Kapton tape or other build sheets if they have aluminum beds.

I’m interested in belt printers and testing compatibility of our coating, and/or developing a version specific for belt based printers if compatibility is an issue.

Looking forward to learning from and contributing to the belt builder community.


Hello Guys , This is Faruk From Bangladesh. I am an electrical engineer (basically power ,high voltage transformer design work etc). I first got interest in 3dprinting and reprap movement in 2014 and bought my first 3dprinter. Now i own a 3dprinting company in bangladesh and we aare trying to promote 3dprinting in bangladesh since.
i think belt 3d printer can be the answer to overcome many limitation to introduce 3dprinting to existing industries. Like continuous printing same object again and again. This is a challenge .
We make our own 3d printers big and small all inspired from opensource. i hope we can be a part of this community to exchange ideas and learn from all of you and hope to contribute some


Hey there!

My name is Liam, I’m an engineering student in Anchorage, Alaska. I’m here to gain more insight on belt printers, their pros and cons, software requirements etc. I feel likes its been a while since a new style of machine has been created, so to me thats exciting. I’ve been in the 3d printer game since about 2014, I started on a Da vinci 1.1 plus (died on me about a year ago) for my own personal use and I currently utilize the lab on campus for my projects (mostly makerbots).


welcome @neonjoewwh and @idea3d! I’m excited to see you both here! I can’t wait for this style of printer to take off!