Never-Ender-3 Development

Hello! My name is Joshua, and I’m a mechanical engineering student at NJIT. I love the idea of a belt printer, so I’m making an even more accessible version. Many people would consider something like the White Knight out of their price range and don’t want to fully assemble a printer like the Piper Infinity. The other options are even harder to find and/or build. My plan is to design a cheap and easy conversion for the $180 Creality Ender 3 printer, tentatively called the “Never-Ender-3”. The aim is an upgrade cost of less than $70, to have as few new parts as possible, and be as easy as possible.

The design is starting slowly, I’ve got the frame reoriented in SolidWorks, and have begun to figure out what needs to be changed.

  • Most of the structure is the same, including the PSU, electronics, and display mounting.

  • Need structure to support the 45 degree angle

  • Need new spool location, top adds too much stress, especially for large rolls.

  • Need structure to support the belt and plate. The belt will be mounted in the same place as the current bed and run around it, so I’ll have to sand the bed edges to avoid wear. The bed and belt will be supported from the open edges, right on the side extrusions.

  • The belt will need to be a big compromise. I’ll leave the Build-Tak option for those who want to spend the money, but for this I’ll pursue a cheaper alternative, at the cost of performance.

  • As of now I’m leaving the lead-screw on the vertical axis(was z, now it’s y) because a belt would probably skip with the load, and it simplifies the mods considerably. The lead screw will be slower and may have wear issues, but I’ll save that for when I do physical testing.

  • Need to make a custom hotend/fan mount for bed/belt clearance on the new angle

Please reply with any questions/suggestions,concerns, I really appreciate your opinions. And yes, I will be watching some more of the awesome white knight videos for information on belts and such.

P.S. @NAK3DDesigns, hats off to you for designing your printer with Paint 3D, that’s amazing. If you want to try a good free option there’s always OnShape, a slightly less complex but similar experience to SolidWorks(designed by former SW employees). That’s where I started, and it has great tutorials. Also I love your printer even though I cant afford it :smiley:

I LOVE IT! This would be an awesome upgrade especially if it came in a kit​:+1::rofl:

Hmmm, looks awfully familiar.