Printing at a 45, pros and cons?

Is there any advantages over printing at a 45 degree angle, I noticed in some cases support material isn’t needed as much. How accurate are the prints compared to a traditional cartesian style machine?

-Printing at a 45 degree allows for infinite Z printing
-Ability to print large overhangs without support
-extended layer lines for better layer adhesion on long prints…

-printing at a 45 degree makes every layer an overhang so layer cooling is critical.
-not all models print well at 45 degrees.
-because of the infinite Z potential print times can easily start to become days or even weeks long… loss of sleep over stress is a possibility…

I’m sure there are several more to list but in all honesty I’m still developing the smaller version and haven’t had as much tim eto play with it as I would like…

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I feel you on the loss of sleep part! Have you ever tried printing a tolerance test? It would be really interesting to see how it performs.