Which cheap non-belt printer should i get?

Before I build a white knight I wanna get a basic run-of-the-mill printer. These printers had caught my eye,


2.Creality3D Ender-5

  1. Flsun F5 Cube Large 3D Printer Kit

all of them are pretty different, I mostly want high accuracy and large PV. I’d be printing in PETG, PLA, and maaaayyyyybe ABS. What are your opinions, which one is the better one?

idk if non-belt printer subjects are allowed on the forum, but the primary use of one of these would be to serve as a backup to a white knight.

i recommand a prusa really they are worth every penny

I’m inclined to agree with MiniKilljoy9. The Prusa line may be a bit higher priced, but the quality and features make it a certain wining purchase. If you’re a DIY type of person, buy the i3 MK3 in kit form and enjoy a rather easy and well-documented assembly.

The size consideration comes into play here, though. I suspect that if you require the large print bed, the larger Prusa may be too small. The Prusa Max hasn’t hit the stores yet either, but I’ll bet that will be a winner too.

I have always wanted one! Maybe I’ll finally buy a quality machine :thinking:

Well the i3 does have a pretty good sized build volume. I’ll definitely keep it in mind, at least I would know that its a good machine vs. kind of guessing with these Chinese ones I listed