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This is the place to ask your questions and find answers about the White Knight Belt printer.

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  1. Where does it home?
  2. How do you prevent the nozzle from burying itself into the belt?
  3. Why did you choose the electronics slide instead of just a remote electronics enclosure?
  4. With the XY at an angle, would using different extruder/hotend combination affect the homing procedure or where prints start?
  1. It homes in the bottom left corner for X and Y. There is no home position for Z aka the belt. Didn’t see a point in homing the belt.

  2. I have recently added locations for physical endstops on the left and right stepper brackets. Once you have leveled and homed your axis you would set the physical stop screws just shy of the home position to prevent negative travel contacting the belt. You can also use an M581 command in your start code to constantly monitor the Y axis end stop as well.

  3. I’m OCD and don’t like to see messy wiring everywhere, I thought it looked cool, and I hate wasting space and there is plenty of space inside the belt loop.

  4. Other nozzles can be used i.e. E3Dv6 with minor modification to the heat block. Homing shouldn’t be affected other than initial calibration that is done with a manual adjustment screw for the Y axis.

Did I cover everything? :grin:

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Would there be any advantages/disadvantages if the nozzle was 90 degrees to the bed rather than 45? Y axis would still be 45, but extrusion directly down onto the bed. (thinking that may enable Neosanding/Ironing post-processing on surfaces parallel to the belt by keeping the nozzle end perpendicular to the bed.)
I saw it hooked up to a Palette 2 in the MRRF videos - any chance of a side transition bucket/hopper for using the P2 without purge blocks? Or does their Chroma software need software support for printing infinite Z? (for a single print - I’m guessing theres a lot of work that would be needed to make their Octoprint plugins queue-aware)

I actually have the nozzle 7 degrees shallower ( So nozzle is at 38 degrees)than the axis to make it easier for first layer adhesion, however I ran into issues that once you exceed a 10 degree different between the nozzle and the axis the leading edge of the nozzle with start to rake thru the print and tear it off the bed. As for using the Palette with it I have only tried random splice mode so far. After talking with Mosaic they agree the only way to do controlled color changes would be with an off print purge into a tube or tray of some kind. I hope to get time to make this work in the future.

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Hello! what kind of belt material can be use and what is your?

There is still alot of experimenting as to what kinds of material can be used… Mine is currently a .015mm thick hardened stainless steel belt with a sheet of Buildtak overlay.

Thank you! I appreciate your detail answer. I have just got stainless steel sheet thanks for your suggestion. However, I am struggling to find such a long buildtak like yours. I have been thinking about apply an overlay kapton tape to the stainless steel sheet, it won’t last long though. Could you please tell me how did you get them? if it is possible, can I order from any source?

I had mine custom made by Buildtak… They are hopefully producing them very shortly… I would email them and inquire as to when.


Hey @NAK3DDesigns,

Do you have a parts list for the white knight, Thanks!

Here’s a link to the BOM on the White Knight github repo

Thank you for sharing so much. It’s a lot of work to share this amount of information! I was looking at the master list of components and was having some trouble replicating the component break down. I wanted more information of items I needed and a way to track the components I make and will put on order. I hope people can help update this, because I find it far from complete. I built a excel file with 2 sheets, a printing break down and a purchasing break down. I currently have a “Master” Excel sheet breaking down the costs and printing items as far as I can tell.
I put a collaborative google sheets here.:
I will share my excel master on on google drive as well. I’m keeping the master as the master because I can filter things like vendors for buying items, I am familiar with excel not google sheets.
I would love for others to fill in what I have missed on the google sheets so I may update the master.
If this is not needed or unwanted, I will take it down. If this is liked/wanted enough, I will update and maintain the lists. Let me know how I can help!

Excel master: